Is Everyone at Your Rehabilitation Center Covered?

Whether you run a rehabilitation center for alcohol withdrawal or for drug addiction, your business can face a great deal of liability. Depending on the specific programs you offer and the degree of care you and your physicians offer, there are several avenues for claims to be made against you. Make sure you, your facility, and your employees are adequately covered through the following categories of commercial insurance:

  • Professional liability insurance: Because your physicians and counselors will be offering specific regimens and advice related to treatment, it is extremely important to make sure your company can survive and adequately respond to claims of incorrect and damaging advice. This insurance is for all mental and physical health specialists, and, if your company is a non-profit organization that relies on volunteers, you should work with your insurance representative to be sure your professional liability insurance covers them, too.
  • Property and automobile insurance: Rehabilitation programs come in a variety of forms, and not all insurance plans are equipped to handle that. If your specialists make home visits or travel, make sure you have automobile and crisis insurance to keep them safe. If your programs are all in-house at a facility you rent or own, you need a policy that covers additions you make to the property.
  • Always be sure your volunteers are covered. Whether your volunteers are medical professionals or they help schedule programs and welcome visitors, it’s important to make sure they and your company are covered in the event of any claims or incidents. This applies to all categories from general liability to automobile and professional.


It’s difficult to find the right insurance plan if your business has a lot of unique risks and liabilities. So find an insurance company that will work with you to take into account the particulars of your treatment plans and services, and contact Evolution Insurance Brokers if you want to find a better plan for your business.

Rick J. Lindsey
Rick Lindsey

President, CEO and Chairman