Don’t Let a Fire Ruin Your Woodworking Operations Business

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Don’t Let a Fire Ruin Your Woodworking Operations Business

General business liability coverage is becoming increasingly narrow in scope and doesn’t target every facet of your woodworking operations business. Whether your business focuses on the manufacturing aspect of wood products, such as a sawmill or wood treating plant, or your business is more in line with the distribution of goods, such as a cabinetry shop or a wholesale dealer, excess liability coverage can fill in the gaps. Depending on the unique array of services and products that your company offers, your coverage plan should specifically target potential risks and liabilities that you face.


What are the additional areas of insurance coverage that you should consider for your woodworking operations business?

Premises liability: If you are an independent contractor who works from home, your homeowner’s insurance is not enough, especially because most policies put strict limitations on their responsibility to cover business-related incidents. Having specific insurance coverage, especially with electrical machinery and flammable sawdust or glues that pose a large risk, not only individually protects your business’s finances but protects your home when homeowner insurance or general liability insurance is not enough.

Fire legal liability: Just like with premises liability insurance, insurance providers will be primarily concerned with the physical risk of a fire as a result of woodworking operations. If your business uses a rented garage or other premises, fire legal liability coverage bridges the gaps caused by exclusions in more generalized types of property insurance.

Liability for completed operations: When your business offer physical goods or uses physical property, it is critical to not only have insurance that covers current potential claims but also claims that can be made in the future. This aspect of insurance coverage protects you in the event a third-party claim is made once operations are over.


Having excess liability coverage that specifically protects you in the event of a fire or other incidents gives you additional security and time to focus on your business itself. If you’d like to learn more about why Evolution Insurance Brokers is a preferred provider for businesses in the woodworking operations industry, please contact us here.

Rick J. Lindsey
Rick Lindsey

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