Construction Defect Insurance

There has come about a very difficult time in the world of construction as people continue to make changes to insurance policies for these companies. One of the big ones is construction defect insurance. Most insurance companies will flat out exclude this coverage and not offer any type of help to the construction companies that are trying to get coverage for this. How is it possible for a construction company to operate if there are contracts mandating that they carry coverage for this very specific type of insurance? How are contractors supposed to protect themselves when they are being denied this coverage?

In the construction world, there are many different things that can bring rise to a claim. It is very important that you have a company that is going to protect you and stand by you if this happens. You also want a company that is going to provide solutions for you and not try to have them put you in a little box of operation. You want a company that is going to offer the coverages that you need at this time. You also want someone that if a claim does arise, they will take care of it and you. Claims management can be a very important part of the process when it comes to construction claims. You want somebody that is going to fight and be a partner with you.

We here at Evolution Insurance Brokers.  Can provide this necessary piece of insurance for contractors that may be dealing with a very taxing situation.  We want to make sure that we can provide the type of insurance that you need.  We can also fight any frivolous claims and help you keep your business safe.

If you find yourself in a tough situation looking for this specialized insurance we can help you.  We will make construction defect insurance simple and easy to find.  Give me a call if you, if you think you are in this position, and I can definitely help you.

Rick J. Lindsey
Rick Lindsey

President, CEO and Chairman