Circus School Insurance

When it comes to finding insurance, Circus Schools probably have the hardest time than any other company. It is very difficult to find a company that will allow you to teach all the activities that you are wishing to teach. Circus School insurance should be covering many different activities that are taught in these one-of-a-kind schools. Activities like Aerial Arts, Trapeze, Slacklining, Fire-breathing, and all the plethora of activities that go along with circus schools can all be very hard insurance to find, but when you combine them, then you really have a challenge.

Many Circus Schools have had difficulty when starting on this journey. Well we here at Evolution Insurance Brokers want to make it easy to find Circus School insurance needed to take care of your insurance needs. We are willing to cover any activity that you might be teaching. We will cover Aerial Arts from any height, trapeze instruction (both static and swinging), and all other types of circus acts that you may be participating in. Our insurance will take care of all the details and we will craft a policy that is customized to your business because your type of business is customized to your exact instruction.

If you have had any trouble finding insurance for your Circus School, or would like to look at a quote for your Circus School insurance, we can help you. We have many Circus School clients and welcome all Circus Schools to our insurance. If you would like to look at a quote at any time, give me a call direct and I can provide a quote over the phone, or offer a quote through an application. When it comes to finding insurance let us help you take the headache out of the hardest part of your business, short of swinging upside down from your ankles!

Rick J. Lindsey
Rick Lindsey

President, CEO and Chairman