bridge insurance

Bridge Insurance

There are many types of risks that have to be insured by businesses and municipalities. They recognize that they need financial protection in the case of unforeseen events, especially in more obscure areas of risk. One type of inland marine insurance that is especially difficult to cover is bridge insurance. For that reason, businesses and municipalities are always looking for good providers for this coverage.


Very few firms actually have the wherewithal to write the bridge business.

They are difficult to insure for a few reasons:

  • When they falter or collapse, the damage can be quite extensive.
  • They can damage cars and cause human injuries or death.
  • Human injuries come with monumental liability including lawsuits and medical costs.
  • Clean-up and reconstruction also have huge costs.


The second reason major reason is that bridges have not been well maintained in recent years.

  • As municipalities grapple with tighter and tighter budgets, they are leaving infrastructure spending by the wayside.
  • The ASCE’s national Infrastructure Report Card was a D+.
  • Bridges are much more vulnerable to break down and collapse which means that the risk is still increasing every year.


Lastly, there are relatively few policies written on an annual basis.

  • Whereas other risks where there are hundreds of thousands or millions of policies written annually, bridges have a much more limited subset.
  • Bridge policies are harder to model, price and understand due to the lower volume of policies written.


Evolution Insurance Brokers specializes in placing the extremely hard to underwrite risks. They have deep experience understanding obscure risk profiles like bridge insurance and are able to get it protected. For more information, please contact us.


Rick J. Lindsey
Rick Lindsey

President, CEO and Chairman