Bounty Hunter Insurance

As a Bounty Hunter there are many things that you have to worry about, that are probably a lot more complicated than having insurance.  All that goes into being a bounty hunter, the training, the patience, the time, and the courage it takes to be out there can be pretty demanding…  Bounty Hunters do run into lawsuits many times because they have to physically pursue people, or act in ways that are considered uninsurable.  It is very hard for bounty hunters or bail enforcement agents to obtain insurance.  Another important part of this equation is the knowledge that all the different activities that you may have to engage in are covered.  Bounty Hunter Insurance can be a very difficult thing to find and meet all of these objectives.

When it comes to this type of work it is crucial to have a good partner that will have your back when you have to act in your job capacity.  It is important that you have all the different coverages for your line of business as well.  Assault and Battery claims have come into the forefront of claims in the bounty hunting industry.  Also there are many other claims that can be filed against an agent from Sexual Abuse/Molestation, to misuse of force, to even the improper use of handcuffs.  All of these different parts of your business can be insured.

Here at Evolution Insurance we are willing to cover any portion of your business that may be excluded on other policies.  We offer all the above coverages, as well as commercial liability, auto liability(in most states), wrongful acts coverage, wrongful recovery, and many other insurance types that are associated with this very diverse occupation.  We are also willing to insure any bounty hunter or bail enforcement agent.  Whether you have had claims in the past, dropped due to business activity, or non-renewed because a company no longer writes your type of business, we will insure you.  Bounty Hunter Insurance can be very difficult to customize, but that is what is needed and we can help.

I can provide a quote to anyone.  If you would like to see a quote for any portion of your business, just give me a call and I can ask you a couple of questions, and provide a quote.  I can make obtaining Bounty Hunter Insurance easy.  If you wish you can also email me with questions or any other business insurance needs.  Let me know if I can help.

Rick J. Lindsey
Rick Lindsey

President, CEO and Chairman