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Bomboard Insurance

Bomboard Liability Insurance

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The Bomboard is an exciting new personal watercraft product that is a hybrid between a sit down and a stand up Jet Ski. There is no question why this machine is growing in popularity; it is very practical in terms of cost, size, mobility, and storage capabilities. Although there are many unique things about the Bomboard, there are still shared similarities with the established Jet Ski. With all the excitement that this machine offers, don’t get frustrated trying to find Bomboard Insurance.

Are you properly insured!? Any machine that allows you to ride on the water at high speeds while standing up can be the perfect storm for an accident. Make sure your business is properly insured for renting, operating, and or selling Bomboard. We are an Excess and Surplus lines Carrier that specializes in writing hard to place risks. We have nearly three decades of experience providing insurance for water sports relating risks! Our company is often on the frontier of underwriting new recreation products when the rest of the insurance industry is not willing, or incapable of covering. We do not shy away from covering unusual or high risk operations, so providing you Bomboard Insurance is something that is no problem for us! We can quote you typically within 24 – 48 hours for personal use and or commercial use; and can provide liability as well as physical damage on your Bomboard. Please contact me to begin the quoting process and have a great day!


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Rick Lindsey

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