Big Airbag Insurance

With all of the new things that are coming out left and right and the innovation that is happening in the amusement and entertainment arena, it has become pretty difficult to find insurance.  One of these newer amusement devices is known as a big airbag.  This is a giant airbag that people can jump into for a very thrilling experience.  Many of the owners of these companies are having a very difficult time finding big airbag insurance.

When it comes to finding some of the hardest to place insurance we can definitely help.  Many times most insurers will just turn away risks like this because they have no experience with the current market and also with the claims that could befall them.  Another reason that insurance companies may turn away this type of a risk is because they don’t know the exact exposure and can’t put the risk into an exact category that is easy to insure.  This leads to having a very difficult time finding insurance.  You need to find an insurer that is able to both place your risk in a category that provides coverage as well as also find someone that has experience in insuring these types of things.

If you have been looking for insurance for your big airbag and have still been unable to find something then we can help you.  Here at Evolution Insurance Brokers we are able to provide insurance for any of the above risks and have been a part of the amusement insurance industry for over 26 years.  We will help any company regardless of claims history, insurance history, or any other problems that you may have had in the past.  We will help you take care of any portion of your business that you are having trouble with and many times the big airbag can be one of them.

If you would like your own quote for big airbag insurance for your company give me a call or email me, and I can provide a quote at any time. Thanks


Rick J. Lindsey
Rick Lindsey

President, CEO and Chairman