Assault and Battery Coverage

Assault and Battery Insurance

Assault and Battery insurance is becoming more of a necessity for certain types of business.

Many individuals that are getting into the security guard business are looking for assault and battery coverage. Assault and battery insurance protects the security guard from vigorous claims that come up when a person was assaulted or hurt. In fact many nightclubs, strip clubs, bars, and retail stores are adding assault and battery coverage to their current liability policies. By adding this type of coverage you can help prevent those problems that occur from an assault.

If you are working as a private investigator, bounty hunter, bouncer, bartender, or any other security professional it is a necessity to have assault and battery insurance. Evolution Insurance Brokers will evaluate you current situation and put together a policy that fits your needs. If you currently have liability insurance for your business that does not include assault and battery coverage please feel free to call me for a quote.  We will examine your current policy and see what we can do to make sure you’re adequately covered.  Evolution Insurance brokers have been around for 25 years and focuses on special risks that require a detail insurance plan. CALL me for a free no hassle quote on your Assault and Battery Insurance.

Rick Lindsey

President, CEO and Chairman