Animal Liability Coverage

Finding dog insurance can be a very very stressful situation! As you have probably found out by now, many insurance companies will not provide you insurance for a variety of reasons. If your dog has been deemed dangerous due to the breed, or you are facing fines and or insurance claims because your dog caused property damage or bit someone; don’t make the situation worse by purchasing insurance before you talk to the industry experts at Evolution Insurance Brokers.
Whether you are ready to purchase animal liability insurance, or would simply like to ask an insurance professional questions about dog insurance, look no further. Evolution Insurance Brokers practically wrote the book for animal liability  insurance. In recent years more and more insurance agencies claim to offer insurance coverage for your dog, but what they don’t tell you, is that the policy they are offering you is not written or controlled by them. They are subject to an outside insurance company determining what is and isn’t covered within the policy, and it may surprise you how little some insurance policies cover! I have even had a client tell me how shocked she was to discover that in the fine print of the previous policy she purchased it stated that dog bites are not covered!!!
With Evolution Insurance Brokers our dog insurance policy is written directly by our in-house insurance carrier (no middlemen!) If your dog has been deemed dangerous, has been taken to the pound, or you simply have a breed that no one else will insure, we promise to provide fast accurate information. We will not waste your time making useless statements like, “we are selling half priced super discounted dog insurance!”
Here is what I will promise; almost all quotes are available within 10 minutes! And we can start your insurance policy almost just as fast! We can provide you proof of insurance instantly (no waiting like other companies), and can send a landlord, court, or shelter proof of insurance right away as well. Plain and simple no one has more experience in the industry with animal liability insurance than Evolution Insurance Brokers so please feel free to give me a call with any questions, or to request a quote right away!



Rick J. Lindsey
Rick Lindsey

President, CEO and Chairman