Amusement Rides Insurance

I remember as a child growing up I loved to go to the carnival and ride the amusement rides. It was some of my favorite moments as a child. Now a days you can’t go anywhere in the summer months without seeing some State Fairs or carnivals. It seems like no matter what state or city you live in there is a fair that takes place in the summer months. The most memorable time that people have at the fair or carnivals is riding the amusement rides. There are many fun amusement rides out there anything from adult rides all the way down to children rides. If you are an amusement ride operator you need to make sure you have the proper insurance in place. Amusement rides insurance is very important to have especially if you are going to be operating them all year around. Throughout the years amusement rides can age and that can cause problems for the operators. In fact most states will inspect your amusement rides to make sure they meet all safety guidelines.

One way you can protect yourself if you are an operator is by having amusement rides insurance. Amusement insurance will provide a peace in your life that you know you are protected if something were to happen. Several other insurance companies will have much exclusion that doesn’t cover you properly. At Evolution Insurance Brokers we will create a policy that fits your needs and covers you for your liability. If you are a new operator or just another company that is having a hard time finding insurance on your amusement rides give me a call. We can cover just about anything no matter what your situation is. Don’t give up when looking for amusement rides insurance give me a call directly.

Rick J. Lindsey
Rick Lindsey

President, CEO and Chairman