Aerial Arts Insurance

There are many different types of insurance policies when it comes to gymnastics and circus schools. Some of the most common types of circus school instructors that we talk with are aerial art instructors. Aerial arts are becoming more and more popular at most exercise and yoga facilities. It has become a new method to exercise and entertain others. Many schools are holding assemblies for aerial arts instructors to come and teach the students. In these circumstances, the school districts are requiring the instructors to carry liability insurance policies. Not only do the school districts require insurance but so do most facilities where aerial arts are taught or performed.

If you are an aerial art instructor or focus on any other type of fitness you need to protect yourself with a liability policy. In fact, most instructors are being required to carry some policy to help prevent any type of negligence. If you are worried about the expense of getting an aerial arts insurance policy, don’t be. At Evolution Insurance Brokers we can design a policy for any type of instructor. We will make sure that you have the adequate coverage that you need. Some insurance companies don’t provide you with the correct coverage instead they offer a low rate. Before you settle for a cheap policy that doesn’t cover you correctly, give me a call for a free no-hassle quote.

Rick Lindsey

President, CEO and Chairman