2 Reasons to Add General Liability Coverage to Your Gravel Pit's Policy
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Two Reasons to Add General Liability Coverage to Your Gravel Pit’s Insurance Policy

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Two Reasons to Add General Liability Coverage to Your Gravel Pit’s Insurance Policy

Gravel pits and gravel driveway construction work create a lot of environmental concerns that can result in third-party claims against you. Whether it’s based in air quality claims and civil suits regarding run-off, nobody likes being neighbor to a gravel pit. Not only can successful claims be expensive, but addressing each claim fully involves a lot of legal work that can slow down your business without adequate legal coverage.

How can general liability coverage help your gravel pit stay profitable?

  • General liability coverage helps cover your business in the event of an onsite accident. Any business that uses industrial equipment or involves the movement of physical goods has an increased risk of accidents. If a client is visiting the site or a third-party transportation agency is loading up a truck, your business can be held liable for any injuries or property damage, even if it’s just from slipping and falling.
  • Doing business with large construction companies and commercial entities means having the right certificate of insurance. Large companies use standard contracts when hiring vendors and working with third-parties. In order to protect their reputation and ensure smooth business operations, they include minimum insurance limits for different types of coverage such as umbrella coverage, general liability, and professional liability. Without coverage that meets industry standards, these potential clients will do business with other providers.

Insuring your company against likely onsite accidents doesn’t only help protect your business, it promotes it and makes your business more legitimate to your customers. Go to Evolution Insurance Brokers here to get started.

Rick Lindsey
Rick Lindsey

President, CEO and Chairman