2 Critical Areas of Coverage for Furniture Repair Businesses

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2 Critical Areas of Coverage for Furniture Repair Businesses

When you’re in the business of furniture repair, protecting your customer’s property while it’s under your care is one of your top priorities. Even if you have the furniture brought directly to your premises by either the customer or a third-party transportation company, accidents can still happen to the furniture in the middle of operations. Here are two critical areas of coverage for furniture repair businesses.

What insurance coverage should you have on your policy if you work in furniture repair, restoration, or refinishing?

  • Fire and allied lines insurance: Wooden furniture is particularly susceptible to fire damage, and if you store a lot of in-progress jobs in a small storage site then any fire could damage or destroy the entire stock. Fire damage can be expensive even just for the restorations to your commercial office or warehouse, and additional liability coverage can help your business cover the costs of losses for your clients. This coverage can also cover property damage due to wind and water damage, as well as vandalism.
  • General liability insurance: Many entrepreneurs start businesses from their home. If your furniture restoration business is run out of your garage and office, having commercial general liability insurance keeps you covered from all business related damages or claims that home and personal insurance policies won’t.

No matter where you run your business or what furniture refinishing services you offer, protecting both your property and your customers’ property is critical for your business’s reputation and bottom line. Go to Evolution Insurance Brokers to find the right coverage for furniture repair businesses.

Rick J. Lindsey
Rick Lindsey

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