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Individual Liability Protection for Police Officers and Law Enforcement Professionals

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In response to the rise in scrutiny, allegations and investigations against law enforcement officials, Evolution Insurance Brokers has launched the Income Interruption Policy to protect officers in the event their income is reduced due to a suspension, demotion or termination. With an increasingly hostile climate and pressure for disciplinary action by police departments, officers should be prepared in the event their pay is disrupted. The Income Interruption Policy will provide officers the difference in income between their base pay and reduced pay up to the policy limit. With this Evolution Insurance Brokers coverage, law enforcement officials will be able to continue their way of life and care for their family without the fear and consequences of a smaller paycheck.

All responsible police officers who are serious about their financial stability should consider partnering with Evolution Insurance Brokers and securing an Income Interruption Policy. Even the most experienced and well trained law enforcement officials may be involved in an incident leading to a suspension, demotion or termination followed by reduced pay. The Income Interruption Policy provides police officers with peace of mind and relief from the anxiety a loss of income will produce. Protected by the Evolution Insurance Brokers Income Interruption Policy, law enforcement officials will have a much needed safety net that ensures they receive their full salary when it is needed most.

Law enforcement officials should contact their union representative to enroll in the Income Interruption Policy. If the coverage is not obtainable, encourage your union to enroll and offer the policy to its members. The opportunity to enjoy the benefits of the Income Interruption Policy should be available to all law enforcement officials. The expert team at Evolution Insurance Brokers is standing by to answer all questions and deliver high quality coverage right now.


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From January 2010 through December 2010 the National Police Misconduct Statistics and Reporting Project recorded 4,861 unique reports of police misconduct that involved 6,613 sworn law enforcement officers

Number of sworn law enforcement officers involved (354 were agency leaders such as chiefs or sheriffs)