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Owning an exotic pet can be both expensive and risky. Most exotic pets require additional maintenance and veterinary care than a house cat or dog. Unlike most dogs and cats, exotic pets also tend to have recurring illnesses, specific to their breed. Exotic pet ownership has dramatically increased over the last decade; this increase in popularity has resulted in more instances of attack or escape. If you have a large or small bird, reptile, tortoise, rabbit, small or large mammal or other exotic mammal, Evolution Insurance Brokers can cover you if/when your pet is involved in an accident, causing physical or emotional injury to a victim.


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Know the facts:
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Average cost per year housecat $200 vs. big cat $7060

Since 1990, there have been over 1,000 reported incidents involving exotic pets including large cats, nonhuman primates, reptiles, bears, wolves, foxes, and ferrets.