Aviation Insurance Solutions

We offer coverage for commercial and private operations and customize the plan for the very specific needs of the insureds. Property coverage for aircraft and passenger if grounded, grounded not in motion and in flight or transport. Liability, hull and physical property coverage has been provided for many types of aircraft including experimental and home built aircraft. We have customized coverage for Aviation Associations, Clubs, Flight Schools, and others who are considered a hard-to-place risk.

In addition, we have provided coverage for hangar liability, events and demonstrations such as: Experimental Enthusiasts Events, Group or Club Member Fly Ins, Public Air Shows and Skills Competitions.

  • A signed application. Be sure to include requested limits of liability.
  • A schedule of aircraft, year, make, model, wing number, value.
  • FAA, Military and/or other Pilot's Certificates held.

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  • AMTs
  • Antique Aircraft
  • CFIs
  • Commercial Pilots
  • Experimental Aircraft
  • Gyroplanes
  • Helicopter & Rotocraft
  • Helicopters
  • Home Built Aircraft
  • Hot Air Balloons
  • Light Sport Aircraft
  • LSAs
  • Private Pilots
  • Student Pilots
  • Ultra Lights
  • Vintage/Antique


  • Commercial and Personal Liability
  • Drones
  • Excess coverage available
  • Ground in motion, or not in motion
  • Hangar Liability
  • Hull
  • In Flight or Transport
  • Non-owned Aircraft
  • Physical Damage