Become a Producer

*Please read before completing the online Producer Agreement:
  • All fields outlined in red must be completed and cannot be left blank.
  • You must attach a current copy(ies) of your license(s) and E&O Declarations Page.
  • If you successfully complete the online Producer Agreement; a message stating "Confirm Signature" will appear.
  • If the "Confirm Signature" message does not appear then we have not received your Agreement. Please call Broker Services at (801) 304-3771 to complete the Agreement.

In order to write business through Evolution Insurance Brokers ("EIB"), all producers must enter into a producer agreement outlining the terms of the relationship between the parties.

Producer Agreement*

If you are a licensed surplus lines broker in the state within which you plan to place business and are willing to pay and file the applicable surplus lines taxes, you are eligible to submit risks to and receive direct quotes from us. Please contact EIB's producer services department for more information.

Access to E&S Coverage

EIB has provided insurance services to producers in the retail market, excess and surplus lines market, and direct insureds to handle their E&S and hard-to-place business.

If you are a producer interested in placing business through EIB, please contact us. You will find us to be a trusted resource you simply can't find anywhere else.

Please contact EIB's producer services department if you have any questions or need assistance.