There is a new exciting workout and training program that is sweeping across the nation. Some cities are seeing a rapid growth in parkour facilities and meet ups. So what exactly is parkour or free running? It is a new exciting training discipline that uses movement that has been developed from Military obstacle training. Because of the type of movements and stunts that are performed while doing parkour it can be risky when it comes to insurance. A few insurance companies will look at parkour as a form of gymnastics and may even offer liability coverage. The majority of the insurance carriers will not cover meet ups that occur outside of a studio when parkour is involved. This is the reason why you need to come to Evolution Insurance Brokers to get your parkour studio and activities insured. We can write a specialized policy that will cover you for your general liability insurance.

The other day I was speaking to a parkour gym owner and he said his biggest struggle with insurance was getting covered when he planned outdoor activities. Most individuals that participate in parkour and free running enjoy doing it outdoors. If you are an instructor and teach these two activities you need to make sure that you have liability insurance. Some of the carries cover you for partial liability but exclude many activities that are involved in parkour. Most basic insurance policies will exclude anything that has to do with certain heights and activities. Evolutions Insurance Brokers will form a policy to make it affordable and provide the correct coverage. Before you decide to use another insurance carrier for a cheap price and incorrect coverage give me a call first. I can put a quote together for you in two days.